Blog: How to buy Official Liverpool FC Tickets

Watching Liverpool at Anfield is becoming a popular demand due to them winning the Champions League in 2019. This article will give you all the guidance on how to buy official Liverpool tickets. 

Things to think of beforehand: 

There are so many options when trying to purchase tickets, so it is important to do some preparation work beforehand and decide what is best for you:

1. Think about which matches you want to attend

In the Premier League games are decided by Category A, B or C based on the opposite teams listing. For example, Category A are matches that are against the top teams (the four teams that made it into the Champions League the season before) or local rivals like Everton. These games are hard to purchase due to the high demand. Whereas Category C games are teams at the bottom of the league and are often much easier to purchase and possibly be an easy match for Liverpool. It is also important to note that it is hard to purchase away tickets, therefore, you should focus solely on home games. 

2. Decide whether to purchase a membership or not 

There are many options when it comes to purchasing a membership. Each membership is usually around £35.99.  One of the main memberships that could benefit you is a Light membership. This membership allows you to purchase tickets during members only sale, allowing you to potentially get the tickets you want. There is a cost to the membership therefore, it is worth deciding if you are wanting to attend frequent games. If you are not wanting a membership then general sale goes online one week before the match. However, it is important to note that these tickets go online after memberships and are very limited, thus the likelihood of buying tickets can be limited. With a membership card, you do get a discount at the official Liverpool club shop. 

LFC Ticket Page

3. Ticket prices

Ticket prices vary depending on the game category and cup games and whereabouts in the stadium the tickets are. Adult tickets start from £37 and can go up to £60. Junior tickets are a set price of £9 and over 65’s vary from £28 to £45. It is important to alway expect the highest price as that is what may be only available. It is also important to make sure you are aware of the stadium’s seating chart. As the most popular seats are central and closest to the ground. Therefore, the prices for them will be more expensive as they have the best view. 

4. Seat Compare

The ticket search engine website Seat Compare has hundreds of Liverpool FC tickets for sale on it’s platform which gives a good option for sold-out games. Whilst there are many websites and classified listing (Gumtree/Craigslist etc) sites that advertise tickets, there truly is only a handful that have access to the seats. Visit the dedicated Liverpool FC ticket page to view and compare the seats at home in Anfield as well as the away games.

5. Ticket sales 

Tickets for games go on sale at different times and days. Tickets are available first to members who have previously bought a certain amount of tickets in the season before. They are then released to all members and eventually the general public. It is also worth noting that in the beginning of July tickets the first half of the season are live, with the second half being released early November. 

Buying Tickets

If you are buying tickets online, it is important to make sure you have an account created before the tickets go on sale. If you wait till the day to create an account it can reduce your chances of securing tickets due to it being time consuming and there being a time limit on reserved tickets. When creating an account, it is important to link any accounts in ‘Friends and Family’ this will help when selecting tickets as it will help speed the process as their details are already online. When it comes to ticket release, they normally go on sale around 8:15am GMT. Occasionally there are times when ticket sales are released in the afternoon. It is important to make sure you check on the Liverpool website the ticket release date and time for the game you want to attend.

Liverpool FC waiting screen
Three Hour Wait for Liverpool Tickets

Also it is important to note that you should be online before the tickets go on sale as the majority of people will be doing the same so by being online around 30 minutes beforehand should give you a chance of getting online to get the tickets. The page will be blank or note that tickets are unavailable yet when you log on earlier. However, just continue to refresh the page till it appears and tells you where you are in the queue. 

Match tickets are sold out, now what?

If general tickets are sold out, then hospitality is always an option. You will pay more than a standard ticket but you do get some perks; match day program, pre-game entertainment, food and drink. It is something to consider if you are limited on dates and the game you want to attend is in high demand. There are different hospitality packages available so make sure you look at which one is best suited for yourself. 

One last thing….Good Luck. There is no guarantee of getting tickets, however, following the tips mentioned above, it can give you a good chance of getting some. If you manage to get your tickets at face value, amazing, enjoy the game. 

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