Blog: How to buy Official Arsenal FC Tickets  

It can be difficult to try and purchase tickets for football matches like Arsenal.  This article will give you all the information on how to buy a ticket at the Emirates Stadium, allowing you to watch Arsenal hopefully win. 

Decide what match you want to attend

One of the first things to think about when wanting to attend an Arsenal game, is what match you want to attend. Like most football matches, some are more popular than others and can be difficult to attend. However, if you are not bothered with what match to attend then trying to buy a ticket is often straightforward for smaller games like League Cup matches, European group stages and smaller clubs in the FA Cup.

How often do you plan to attend?

If you are not bothered about attending a specific game and happy with a smaller match, then the chances of tickets being available are fairly certain. If you are going for a one off match then you don’t really need to consider becoming a member of Arsenal club. Once member tickets have been released, there is a period where non-members can go online on the Arsenals website and buy tickets directly. 

However, if you are wanting to attend more frequently or attend a big game (e.g. finals or top four teams in the FA Cup) then maybe consider purchasing a membership. There are different tiers of memberships available; red, silver and gold. The yearly membership is a one of annual payment. The standard membership purchased is red, this is due to silver and gold having a waiting list that you need to apply for and also you need to be a red Arsenal member for a certain amount of time before applying for silver or gold. Gold memberships are season tickets, which basically means that tickets are guaranteed for every match. If you are unable to attend, the tickets can be sold to other members on the clubs website. So if you are a red or silver member, you can look at the ticket exchange page on the clubs site and potentially find tickets for favoured matches like Arsenal V Tottenham or Chelsea. 

How can I buy tickets?

There are four ways you can purchase direct Arsenal tickets:

  1. Online – This is probably the most straightforward way to purchase tickets regardless if you are a member or not. The link is: https://www.arsenal.com/tickets
  2. Phone – The phone number for buying tickets from Arsenal is one you’ll remember; call 0344 ARSENAL (277 3625). If you are international then the number is +44 (0)20 7649 9003. It is important to note that you could be waiting to get through to someone for a long time. 
  3. Ticket Exchange – For members who are unable to attend, you can put it on the Arsenal ticket exchange page, where other members can have the chance to purchase sold out games. 
  4. Ticket Transfer – Like the ticket exchange, this allows members to transfer tickets directly to others if they are unable to attend. 
  5. Seat-Compare.com – Ticket search engine with thousands of tickets for Arsenal FC matches, home and away.

How much do tickets cost?

Like all football matches, the costs of tickets varies depending on the category level the game is and the location of the seats in the ground. Prices for tickets range from £30.50 to £95.50. The link gives you a breakdown of prices for members/non-members, category games, and seat location in the stadium https://www.arsenal.com/tickets/ticket-categories-and-pricing

Disabled Access

The Emirates stadium has one of the best facilities for disabled access, making disabled supporters access hassle free. If a disabled supporter needs assistance with them, that person who assists them attends the game free of charge. 

Away Games 

Away games are generally difficult to purchase for Arsenal matches. In order for you to get an away game ticket through the club, you have to be a member and have attended a certain amount of matches from the previous season. 

Remember, plan ahead!

If you have been successful in getting a ticket for Arsenal, it is important to make sure you plan your day ahead. Parking is very limited in London and the Emirates stadium is located in a residential part. Some local businesses do rent out their area for match days, however, the spaces are limited and after the match traffic is hectic. Do not park your car illegally, as police will ticket or clamp your car. There are public transport options available for example, the underground tube, train and buses that can get you to and from the game. It is important to make sure you check the transport updates and plan your route in advance as some routes could be closed due to ongoing work and could cause delays. 

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