Blog: When Will the English Premier League Resume?

Football fans around the United Kingdom are constantly asking when the Premier League will resume and if the remaining games in the season will be finished. In the latest news, the games are scheduled to resume after the 30th April 2020, however it is understood that this date will be pushed back closer to a June date.

The precautions in place to protect, fans and players against coronavirus means that there is no rush to get back in the spotlight. There are many possibilities for the games to be played, potentially behind closed doors but this is definitely not a certainty.

How long will the season take ?

Whilst there is no definitely schedule set, the FA have stated that the league can be completed in just under 6 weeks. This would mean that the summer break for teams would be cut to just several weeks in time for the start of the 2020/2022 season.

For complete information on the release by the FA regarding the Premier League and the coronavirus impace see:

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