Why Us

Why Us

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Why choose Seat Compare for your trusted and safe football tickets.

Trusted Resellers Only

We only allow trusted resale websites to list their tickets on Seat Compare We look into previous history of the website and ensure that all tickets are guaranteed and safe.

Fair Price Guarantee

Any website which sells tickets at extortionate prices are prohibited from listing on Seat Compare. We understand supply and demand and try to ensure all tickets listed on our platform are fairly priced.

Dedicated Team

We are major football fans and therefore we understand the importance of great customer service. With this we are dedicated to making your ticket purchasing experience a great one.

We are contactable via a UK telephone number to ensure that you can reach us no matter the time or day. We are also available on match days to ensure if there are any issues we can fix them.

Experienced Sales and Support Team

We are fully experienced in the ticketing industry to ensure that we can provide you with everything that you need for buying football tickets.

Large Inventory of Tickets

We provide a feed from the biggest inventories of football to ensure that you get the biggest choice on one platform.

Corporate Hospitality

With over 20 years experience we can provide corporate and VIP hospitality for your event needs. Whether you want hospitality for Liverpool or the Champions League final we can provide it.

Group Pricing Available

If you want to attend a match with more than 8 people then we offer group discounts and full breakdown on the tickets available. Contact us today and we can assist you get the tickets you want.

The Best Deals on Tickets

Thousands of Fans get notified about the best events.