Ultimate Guide: How to Get Europa League Final Tickets in Dublin

Posted on February 2024
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You have your eyes set on the Europa League Final, and this year it is happening in the amazing Irish capital city of Dublin! Now the real challenge begins: getting tickets to any major European competition is never an easy task, however we have created this guide to assist you as best we can get tickets to the Europa League Final.

Official Ticket Channels

As with any good guide, we will first discuss how to get the tickets from the official channels, after all this will be the cheapest way. UEFA are the governing body of the competition and will handle all ticket distribution for the Europa Final. The first tip from us is to visit their official Europa League website and register for the official draw, also known as the Ballot.  Due to the huge amount of fans that want to attend these finals, these tickets will be distributed via a raffle type system. In previous finals, the draw will open in which fans will enter their details including passport numbers etc and submit for selection. The fans fortunate to be selected will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets at the official price, making this the best way to secure your seat. The ballot usually opens up in April, after the quarter-final stage has been completed.

Ticket Categories and Pricing

UEFA have a ticketing category system in place for all major tournaments including the Europa League Final. They range from category 3, standard seats to VIP hospitality packages. These prices obviously range in prices with the most expensive seats costing thousands of pounds or euros. Hospitality packages can often be purchased directly on UEFA.com where as the other seats will be distributed via the ballot discussed above.

Chances of Selection

The good news is that the chances of being selected in the Europa League ticket draw is higher than the Champions League ticket draw, however depending on the teams that reach the final this will also affect the number of applications. Whilst the chances are small, we highly recommend applying for tickets, many of our readers have had success in previous years.

Other Ticket Outlets

If you have received notification via Email from UEFA that you are unfortunate in your ticket application then do not lose hope, their are other, albeit more expensive, ways to get tickets.  While prices on the secondary market can sometimes be inflated, it’s worth keeping an eye out for last-minute deals.

Set Your Budget and Timeframe

We highly recommend anyone to have a budget in mind when purchasing tickets, often this can change but we believe this is a good idea to bring a limit to your spending. As with any major event, tickets can be purchased months in advance at higher than market value rates, we want you to avoid this. Tickets can be purchased all the way until several hours before the game, however we understand than many fans will want to get them arranged weeks in advance. If your budget is enough for the official hospitality options then we highly recommend you purchasing them before they sell out.

Familiarising with Seat Compare

As football fans, we created Seat Compare to list trusted and safe ticket websites for all major events, including the Europa League Final. Visit our dedicated Europa League Final tickets page and get used to some of our features, including price tracking. Use our live and interactive maps to compare ticket prices and locations in the stadium. When you are ready to purchase you will understand the full ticket purchasing process.

Other Ticket Buying Strategies

Official UEFA Channels

When it comes to buying tickets for UEFA-sanctioned events, there’s no better place to turn to than the official UEFA channels. We also recommend signing up for newsletters and following their social media channels to maximise your chances of success.

Official Europa League Ballot

Sign up for the official ticket ballot alert, as soon as it is open you will get the opportunity to apply to be selected. Don’t rush, all entries are treated equally , whether you put your application in on the first day or the last, you will have the same chance of winning.

Being Alert and Prepared

For fans searching on the secondary ticket market, we recommend neutral fans to purchase in the semi-final stages. As soon as the teams have been confirmed, the demand begins. Whilst we don’t recommend purchasing tickets on the basis that your team ‘should’ win the semi-final, this can often mean ticket prices are lower. If you are happy to take the risk then this could save you hundreds of pounds/euros. Additionally, ticket prices will be at the highest the days after the semi-finals have been completed. In previous years, prices for the cheapest tickets decrease steadily, however, if a team with a major fan base reaches the final in Dublin then expect increases. Some of the biggest teams remaining in the competition are as follows: Liverpool Europa League, Rangers FC, West Ham, Atalanta.

Having Backup Plans

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst – that’s the golden rule of ticket-buying. If your initial attempts to secure tickets via UEFA.com fall through, don’t be overly disappointed. Explore alternative options listed here on Seat Compare. One of the other main distribution channels is through the official teams in the final. They will receive a large allocation of tickets which will be distributed via Season Ticket holders. If you have any connections then this would be a good time to ask for tickets.  Keep an open mind, stay flexible, and remember there’s always a way to get your hands on those coveted Europa League Final tickets, especially via Seat Compare.

So, You’ve Bagged Your Europa League Final Tickets 2024 for Dublin – Now What?

Congratulations you have purchased your tickets via one of the channels above. Here are a few post-purchase considerations to keep in mind.

Aviva Stadium, Dublin
Aviva Stadium, Dublin

Ticket Delivery and Collection

Once your have made payment for your tickets, the next question will be how you’ll actually get your hands on them.  In previous years UEFA have developed an app, Apple and Android that allows fans to transfer tickets between each other.  Depending on where you purchased your ticket will determine when you will receive the tickets. For the ballot winners, you will receive the tickets first, direct to your phone.

Verifying Europa League Tickets

In the past, there has been an issue with validating tickets purchased, however we now believe it is easier to ensure your ticket is real. If your ticket is in your official UEFA ticket App then be rest assured, the ticket is valid.

Making Travel and Accommodation Arrangements in Dublin

For more information, read our guide on what to expect in Dublin for the Europa League final. If you ae traveling to the Irish capital expect hotels to be more expensive than usual and prices to be inflated. We recommend purchasing your travel and hotels also at the semi-final stage to avoid any huge hikes in price. Dublin is a great city and has many options for transportation to the stadium and many bars and pubs to soak up the final atmosphere.  After all, attending the Europa League Final isn’t just about the match – it’s about immersing yourself in the vibrant Dublin atmosphere, enjoying the Irish hospitality and making lifetime memories.

And there you have it – our comprehensive guide on how to buy Europa League Final tickets in Dublin. From understanding the official ticketing process and where to buy seats on the secondary market, we have covered all the main areas to give you confidence in your ticket-buying journey. See you in Dublin!

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