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  • Different payment options including gift cards, PayPal and Apple/Android Pay.
  • FanProtect guarantee
  • Picture of the venue when selecting tickets
  • User Friendly websites.
  • Numerous ways to contact them
  • Accepts different currencies (Euros, Pound and US Dollars)
  • Live Chat is available 24/7


  • Fees are not included and not shown until checkout
  • Prices can be expensive compared to other platforms
  • Potential delay in contact unless you use Live Chat

Stubhub, who are they?

Stubhub has been linked to eBay and has been since 2007. It is an online ticket vendor, allowing people to sell tickets to a variety of events including sports and concerts. In 2016 Stubhub bought Ticketbis to help their expansion in European markets. With the expansion of Stubhub, there are different domains for their website, with the main international one being and UK being The website has been all over the world to help sell and purchase tickets. 

Are Stubhub trustworthy?

Like most things, purchasing items online can be risky, but with Stubhub they promote safety and security. In fact they have FanProtect guarantee on all tickets purchased, making sure customers feel confident with the company. With their guarantee of tickets arriving in time for an event, it can put customers at ease. Due to unforeseen circumstances an event is cancelled, you will be able to claim and receive a full ticket refund. The individual seller is responsible for the delivery of tickets therefore, if for some reason that you do not receive your purchased tickets it is imperative to contact Stubhub so they are able to assess the situation and investigate whether the seller has not been honest. If they are found at fault, they are removed from the site to prevent it happening again. 

Website Navigation

Stubhub have different websites depending on your location, the UK website is and prices are in pounds, the European site is and tickets are shown in Euros. has prices listed in US dollars. The main website is and this website will show the costs of tickets in your local currency, based on your location. 

Stubhub Screenshot

Stubhub websites are easy and simple to use. On the top of the homepage there is a search bar where individuals can search for a specific event straightaway. For example, if you want to go see your favourite football club, then you type it in the box and the available tickets for different games will show up. Allowing you to find the perfect game you want to attend. There are also numerous drop down boxes for sports, concerts, theatres and comedy and cities. This allows you to see what events are about and look at events you did not consider but would like to go to. 

Once you have found the event you want to attend, it will bring you to a page of which shows the layout of the venue. It will show you the available tickets for that event and show the exact seats and how many are available. Once you are happy with your selection it will add it to the cart and you are able to go straight to checkout to make your purchase. 


StubHub is a ticket selling platform, where any individual can sell tickets for any event, which is perfect for sold out events. Therefore, with individuals selling the tickets, prices of tickets are set by the individuals and not StubHub thus ticket prices can vary massively so it is important to remember. Depending on the event and whether it is sold out and in high demand, ticket prices can vary, therefore, the chances of the price being expensive is highly likely.

Stubhub Screenshot

For example, tickets are probably going to be above asking price for a final of a sporting event, like an English football club in the champions league final due to the tickets being sold out instantly and the high demand to witness an english team in the final. It also depends on how serious you are about wanting to attend an event, then the cost of the ticket would be worth it. As individuals can sell any tickets to an event, there are chances that prices won’t be extortionate, for example, if there is mass surplus of tickets to an event, then a seller would want to try sell their ticket as quickly as possibly to prevent them being out of pocket, therefore ticket prices could be reasonable. 

Bare in mind like all ticket platforms, there are additional fees for the ticket purchasing, there is delivery and purchasing fees. These prices are set by StubHub and are determined at checkout, through a breakdown of all costs. 

Contacting StubHub

Before trying to contact StubHub, you should check out their F&Qs page to see if your question has been listed and what the answer is. If this does not answer your question or help then one of the main methods to contact Stubhub is through live chat via their website. It allows you to ask any queries and issues regarding purchasing or purchased tickets quickly and is available 24/7. The chat will have an automated response to help answer the question, however, if further assistance is still needed from this then someone from customer service will take over and help assist you. 

In addition to the live chat there is a contact form on the site, where you put your contact details down and what it is regarding and then someone will be in touch. Although this may seem like a good idea to use, you may be waiting up or over 24 hours for a response whereas the live chat is fast and can expect a quick reply straight away to answer or resolve any issues.

For any urgent queries, there is a telephone number on the website for UK landlines and a list of international numbers for the U.S and Canada. The lines are open from 09:00-21:00 (UK time) which is ideal if you are in work till 5PM, as you are still able to get in contact with the customer service team. 

Stubhub also uses social media platforms as a form of contacting them. People are able to contact them through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, however, it is advised to use the live chat or telephone if it is urgent. 


One of the good things about using StubHub is the many payment options available. In addition to the standard debit and credit cards, StubHub also accepts PayPal, Apple and Android Pay and event Stubhub gift cards. One of the unique things about StubHub is that you are able to purchase e-gift cards or traditional cards. They are just as easy to use as any other payment method, all that needs to be done at checkout is entering the code that is shown on the giftcard.


To conclude, the overall review of Stubub is positive. Like all companies, there are some cons to using the website, like the high ticket costs and fees not shown till checkout. But this is overshown by the pros, one being that all tickets are FanProtected, reassuring users and building trust. One of the main benefits of using them is their 24/7 live chat support to help with any queries. As it is linked to eBay, it helps their reputation of trustworthiness, making the costs of tickets worth it. The use of their website, makes it easy for all users to access and navigate round easily. Therefore, if an event you want to go is sold-out then have a look on StubHub for the event, as no doubt it will be on there. 

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