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  • Established international business
  • Currency options available
  • Accepts PayPal


  • Poor customer service
  • Expensive fees
  • No mention of detailed payment options until checkout.
  • Ticket prices are high
  • Unnecessarily queuing system
  • Substandard customer reviews
  • Scaremongering tactics


Before our review of Viagogo, for those fans looking to purchase tickets, we fully recommend visiting StubHub here.  They have a better customer service, website and overall are more trusted company with a simple website.


Who is Viagogo?

Since being founded in 2006, Viagogo has become one the largest established online ticket vendors in the world, being in over 160 countries with over 60 websites available. They have created large deals for live music, sports and events, creating a huge amount of available tickets for users to purchase. However, Viagogo has come under heavy criticism and has users questioning whether they are a trustworthy ticket platform to use due to their customer service, ticket guarantee, mislead information on hidden fees and their scaremongering tactics, something we will see throughout this article.

Is Viagogo’s website easy to use?

Generally speaking, the Viagogo website is user-friendly and simple, however, the site lacks useful information for users. For example, the FAQ page is difficult to find and when on the page it has basic information e.g. they state they accept all major credit cards, but fail to mention which credit cards they accept or if they even accept debit cards. Improvements definitely could be made on the site which includes detailed and clear information.

There is a search bar at the top of the site where you are able to search for specific events straightaway. The site is also divided into sections, allowing you to look at concerts, sports, theater and festivals. When using Viagogo, you do not need to create an account, which is ideal if you plan to use the site occasionally. When it comes to delivery, you are able to select e-tickets to make it easy for you.

However, the site has come under fire from users for their poor queuing system. Users are waiting in line for up to 10 minutes to see the available tickets. Whilst waiting in the queue, there are messages appearing announcing how many people are trying to purchase the tickets, almost like you are trying to purchase them from the venue and not a secondary marketplace. The reason why they have criticism regarding this is that one, it is a waste of users time and two, it is a scaremongering tactic to push users to purchasing tickets immediately.

They have information on the page on how many people have looked at this event and how many tickets are available. The information is somewhat useful to the user, however, it also scares users and coerices users to purchase tickets in case they miss out. If you are unsure about the event or the cost of the ticket, it is important to take your time making your decision and not fall for these tactics that viagogo use the chances of the tickets being available at a later day is high.

Can I find the tickets I want?

Viagogo is probably one of the largest online ticket platforms in the world, with a large chain of brokers. With them being one of the largest ticket marketplaces, there’s a substantial amount of tickets available to all major events; from football finals to concerts and festivals. The benefit of using Viagogo is because it is a secondary marketplace for tickets, you are able to find tickets for events that have been sold out. Sellers put tickets on the site if they are unable to attend or have spare tickets, the tickets are usually more expensive than the original price but it does also mean that you can attend an event you didn’t think was possible.

Viagogo Screenshot

Are price tickets reasonable?

Viagogo has no connection to ticket prices, they are set by sellers just like any other secondary ticket platform. Therefore, tickets are not priced at the original cost and in fact priced higher as sellers are looking to profit from the purchased ticket. The tickets that are normally priced higher are events that have sold out from the original vendor and if tickets are limited. As sellers set the price, they can choose the amount they want to sell, however, ridiculously overpriced tickets are often ignored, leading to sellers reducing the costs to try and sell them. Like all online ticket platforms, Viagogo adds on fees to the tickets. There are booking fees which are varied depending on the event, with some reaching up to an extortionate amount of 30%. There is also handling/delivery fees which are not mentioned until checkout.

Viagogo Screenshot

Whether you are purchasing sold out tickets on Viagogo or another secondary marketplace it is important to make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute as there is a possibility that tickets will be sold out or expensive. Also it is important to remember the hidden costs at the checkout, do not be surprised that the total increases dramatically.

Payment and Currency

On the bottom left of the Viagogo site, there is an option for currency conversion. You can select the currency you want the prices to be shown, so you are able to see it in your own currency. It is worth mentioning that the original currency will be displayed when you are at checkout.

In terms of payment, Viagogo accepts credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers (only in select countries). However, they fail to mention which major credit cards are accepted and which countries are included in the direct bank transfers. You have to wait till checkout to be able to see which payment options are available in your region.

What is their customer service like?

For any online purchases, excellent customer service is essential. On each website, there is a contact number and email address to contact Viagogo if you have a query or need guidance. For people who are purchasing tickets on a secondary website like Viagogo can be somewhat nerve wracking due to relying on someone else. Like other online ticket platforms Viagogo offers 100% money back guarantee and customer service, if an issue arises with your ticket.

However, from looking at the UK reviews it looks like Viagogo have not kept their promise and in some cases have gone back on their word with money back guarantee. In addition, there are also numerous negative reviews regarding their customer service support and them being non-existence when customers have contacted them for assistance. Therefore, it is important to bear in mind if using the site to be cautious with their guarantee.


Despite their negative reviews, they are still one of the largest online ticket vendors in the world and most likely to have the tickets you are after. From the reviews of Viagogo, their customer service is something that definitely needs to be improved. In addition to their poor customer service, it is also to be wary of their high hidden fees and their pressure tactics to purchase tickets immediately. Their website is easy to use despite their queuing system but they could improve with more detailed information for users.


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