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  • Established business
  • User-friendly site
  • Ticket guarantee 
  • Security
  • Specialises in football tickets


  • Does not accept Paypal and there is no mention if American express is accepted
  • Design is simple

Who are Livefootballtickets? 

With the difficulty of trying to buy football tickets directly, Livefootballtickets identified that there was a gap in the market where tickets could be sold on. Livefootballtickets is an online ticket platform, which allows individuals to purchase football tickets. The company was founded in 2004 in Madrid, Spain and has now become a trustworthy ticket site in Europe, the UK and the US. 

Is the website easy to navigate?

The design of the website is dated, but nonetheless, the ease of use is straightforward due to its simplicity allowing different nationals and ages to use the site.

If you know what game you want to watch, there is a search bar at the top of the page, allowing you to search for it directly and quickly. Not only does it allow for football teams to be searched, it also does cities. For example if you are travelling to London for the weekend and would like to attend a match, you can simply type in London and it will show you the options that are available in London, allowing you to see a list of potential games. 

LiveFootball Screenshot Image


There are also drop down boxes on the top of the site for you to browse, with headings being premier league teams, international, European, and English cups, allowing you to browse and see if there are any other games you would be potentially interested in going to. 

Once you have decided on what game you want to attend, it will show a list of all available tickets for that game, the location of the tickets in the stadium and the ticket prices, allowing you to select the perfect ones for you. Due to the user-friendly site, it is perfect for buying secondary tickets due to its simple design. 

Customer Service

Livefootballtickets have many options in order to get in contact with them regarding any issues or queries you may have. One option to contact them is via phone. There is a phone number on their website for UK telephones. If you are overseas, there is an international number and this is also to be used when purchasing international tickets. If you need customer support quickly, this is the best form of contact as they will be able to assist you with your query straightaway. 

In addition to telephone lines, there is a support chat on the website. By clicking on the chat, you are able to get help from the customer support team. But, it is important to note that a team member may be unavailable and therefore, it requires you to email them and then they can respond. This could be up or over 24 hours and therefore, can be time consuming, especially if you need immediate assistance. 

Ticket Prices

LiveFootball Screenshot Ticket page


Like all resale tickets, they are normally priced higher than face-value due to the demand. However, the benefit of using this site, is that it focuses on football and therefore, you will definitely be able to find the match you want. The benefit of using this website to purchase tickets is that there will always be individuals willing to sell their seats if they are unable to attend. Prices of the tickets vary, depending on how big the game is for example, you would expect to pay a higher price for cup finals. If you are interested in a game, it is important to try to buy the tickets as soon as possible on the website, as the later you leave it could result in tickets being unavailable or prices increased. 

Like all ticket websites, there is a service fee on top of the ticket price and this can increase the price of the ticket. Additionally, there is also a booking fee and again once you get to checkout the price will jump up from the original ticket price. It is important to remember these fees when selecting your tickets and that these fees are compulsory. 

Payment method

Like most websites when purchasing tickets on Livefootballtickets, you have to pay with a debit or credit card. The one thing that the website lacks is the broad range of payment methods. You are unable to pay with Paypal and the website does not say whether American Express or Discover cards are acceptable. This is something that Livefootballtickets could add to help expand. 

Another thing to note is that when purchasing tickets it is in UK pounds, even when purchasing international tickets. Therefore, if you are abroad, you would have to use a currency conversion website to see the prices in your local currency. This is not too much hassle, however, if they were to add different currency payments, this is something I am sure we would all welcome. 

Are Livefootballtickets reliable?

Trust Pilot

Livefootballtickets have been around for over 10 years, and have become a reliable company for selling football tickets online. Livefootballtickets pride themselves with being secure and state they have one of the highest levels of security certificates. By stating this on their website, it shows that your personal information is secure from the start to finish, which can be a concern when buying online. They also guarantee that your tickets will be delivered to you in time for your game and if any issues arise with the tickets, they will offer you a refund. With the high security measures and being established, it can put your mind at ease on whether to trust them, making them the perfect site to purchase football tickets. 

Do LiveFootballTickets have Discount Codes?

Unfortunately don’t offer any discount codes for any tickets. The ‘Discount Code’ box on their website is used for fans that have outstanding credit left to spend, especially after many events were cancelled over the previous 2 years. With this, there are no discount codes available for the general public to use.

Livefootballtickets are asking for photo id?

On certain occasions will request that you send photographic ID after purchasing your tickets. There are several legitimate reasons for this including the following:

  • LiveFootballTickets (LiveTicketGroup) want to verify that you are the owner of the credit card when purchasing tickets. This is to stop fraud and often seen in cases where the transaction is high amount.
  • Verify ID of the fan purchasing tickets. This is more common in games in which there are risk of Away fans purchasing tickets in the home section of the stadium.

Whilst on a rare occasion, photo ID is requested, this is perfectly normal and something that you should not be worried about. LiveFootball have a great customer service team that will be happy to assist. We at Seat Compare only recommend trusted and verified websites, LiveFootball is the biggest in the market. Select above and go directly to the website.


The majority of customers are happy with their purchases on the website, due to the reassurance of tickets being delivered in time before the game and the wide variety of games available. With the user-friendly website, it makes it easy for you to navigate around the site and find games that are available to attend. One of the main positives of using this website, is that their main source of customer service is via telephone, as most other companies are via email and have a delay response. The downside of the site is the limited payment methods available. Overall, from looking at the pros and cons of the site, the conclusion is overall positive. The negatives of the site are limited and something that they can always improve. Therefore, Livefootballtickets is the site to use if you are looking to purchase or sell football tickets.

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