Unsuccessful in the Euro 2024 Ballot? How to get tickets in the next stage, according to the experts.

Posted on November 2023
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Unsuccessful in the Euro 2024 Ballot? How to get tickets in the next stage, according to the experts. image

Millions of Fans Brace themselves for Ballot Results.

20 million ticket applications were received for the UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany. 

  • A staggering 20 million ticket applications were received during the first sales period  for around 1.4 million tickets made available.

  • Over 260 million tickets were applied for, only 1.4 million tickets were made available.

  • Millions of fans will be disappointed with the unsuccessful application email.

  • The cheapest “fans first” tickets for the early rounds will cost as little as £26 / €30 while the most expensive “premium” tickets for the final will cost as much as £870 / €1000.
  • Expert tips on increasing chances for the next sales period.

Unsuccessful in the Euro 2024 Ballot? How to get tickets in the next stage, according to the experts.

As the highly anticipated Euro 2024 football tournament fast approaches, fans across Europe are bracing themselves for the bittersweet moment of ticket ballot results. For the lucky few there will be joy, however for many there is disappointment with the ‘unsuccessful application’ notification for the Euro 2024 ballot by UEFA. Notifications to applicants are expected to be released this week up until 14th November 2023.

Don’t despair, there are further ticket sales opportunities from now until the tournament kicks off in Munich on 14th June 2024. The experts here at Seat Compare  give us their tips on how you can increase your chances of securing seats to the European Championships in Germany.

“The European Championships is one of the biggest football tournaments in the World, the demand for tickets is always extremely high. Whilst there are never any guarantees on getting tickets, we share some of the tips for both fans that were unsuccessful in the last ballot and those that will be looking to buy in the next sales period. “

Unsuccessful Applications – The Good News

For fans who were unsuccessful in the first sales phase, tickets for which the purchase process was not completed within the given timeframe will go back on sale to those fans. Fans will be the first to be notified about the opportunity to purchase them according to their ranking in the lottery.

Next Sales Period

The final Euro 2024 tournament draw will take place on 2nd December 2023 in which the fixtures and groups will be announced. Following this date, a new ticket sales phase will allow fans to purchase tickets on a first come first serve basis.
“UEFA.com will announce the sales date as early as 3rd December, the day following the draw. We expect sales to commence the following week but this is yet to be confirmed.” Peter Harrison, part of the team at Seat Compare. “For exact dates we recommend following UEFA on social media or signing up for email notifications in your UEFA.com account.”


Register for UEFA.com Account

For those that didn’t already apply for Euro 2024 tickets, register for an account on UEFA.com and complete all the necessary information. This registration will allow quicker access to the ticketing portal on the on-sale date. “Whilst creating an account on UEFA is a simple process that can take less than 2 minutes to complete, this 2 minute can be the difference between getting tickets and not.”

Avoid Refreshing The Screen

“When joining the queue on UEFA.com/euro2024, it might be tempting to refresh the screen, however, we highly recommend against this strategy. A simple refresh could result in you returning to the back of the queue or even worse getting blocked from the sales website due to too many attempts.” states Cian.

Avoid Multiple Browsers or Tabs

“To avoid errors or even being blocked, we recommend not to open multiple browsers or tabs when purchasing tickets. This can be viewed as bot-like activity and may result in you being unable to access the ticketing page.” states Cian Evans.

Patience is Key

“Whilst tickets for the games you are looking for might appear to be sold-out, be patient, tickets can appear again as more are released. Opportunities to find tickets might arise even after the initial time period.” insists the team at Seat Compare. “Remain on the ticketing portal as long as possible, UEFA will have a time limit, tickets can appear at any time.”

Other Opportunities

Immediately after the Euro 2024 play-offs have been completed in April, there will be further opportunities to buy tickets directly from UEFA.com. Additionally, a last-minute sale will start on 4th June, 2024, which will also include tickets for the finals.  During the resale period, fans will have the opportunity to return any unwanted tickets, these will then be made available to fans on a first come, first serve basis.

Other Key Points

  • The EURO FINAL 2024, the opening match, and the other two group stage matches involving Germany drew the most interest of the 51 matches.

  • A staggering 2,295,665 tickets were requested for the final, to be staged at Olympiastadion Berlin on 14 July 2024 – 33 times the capacity of the stadium.

  • Fans from host country Germany made up the highest number of applications followed by England, France, Spain, and Austria.

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