Blog: The Final Day of The Premier League Season – Fans & Tickets

The English Premier League has been without fans since March last year and the UK Government recently annouced that stadiums can allow around 25% of capacity at the end of May. With this the potential is there for fans to be allowed in the stadiums for the last game of the season.

The great news is that Seat-Compare.com will search for tickets from our partner websites and official channels and bring you the most competitive prices.

Here is a list of the final games of the season in the English Premier League:

Will Fans Be Allowed to Purchase Tickets for the final game?

Due to the amount of season ticket holders at each club, they will be given priority, with this there will be no tickets available to the general public. Should tickets become available for purchase directly at the box office, Seat Compare will be sure to put links on our event pages. We are working hard to ensure that our fans get the tickets at the lowest possible prices, this includes from official sources.

Will I need to be vaccinated to enter the stadium?

There is currently no rules are definitive confirmation on whether people will need to be vaccinated to enter the stadium. If this is the case, we will put links to the website with the full information on. The decisions will ultimately lie with the UK Government and everyone will be made aware of this in due course.

Other Games With Fans

Football fans are hoping that major games and tournaments are not postponed this year or played with no fans. Here are some other games that have the potential to allow fans in the stadium. Seat Compare will update it’s event pages as soon as Football Authorities make statements and release tickets for fans.

Euro 2021 

For Euro 2021 tickets, or Euro 2020 , here is a link to the tournament page we have specifically placed. All information regarding tickets, locations will be here. With the tournament already postponed one year, tickets will be in high demand across Europe. Find Euro 2021 tickets here.

Champions League Final

The UEFA Champions League final is one of the most watched football games in European Football. Tickets for the Champions League Final will be available here if fans are allowed in the stadium.

FA Cup Final

Fans of the English FA Cup will be hoping Wembley Stadium opens up for the FA Cup Final, scheduled in May. If the UK authorities allow fans to enter, tickets will be here: FA Cup page.

Remember, as soon as news is confirmed, Seat Compare will update the website and tickets will become live as soon as availability is made. Remember to find the event you want, sign up for the ticket alert system and we will email you immediately.

What game are you looking forward to the most, who will be named the Premier League Champions? Please leave a comment below, we would like to hear your thoughts on the return of fans to the Stadiums.

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