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Via Futebol Clube do Porto, 4350-415 Porto, Portugal

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Estadio do Dragao have discovered and created some of the best and most accurate seating maps for maps online. The home team(s) of Estadio do Dragao in Porto is FC Porto. Use our live ticket pricing technology to order tickets to events at for the best prices online. For fan reviews of Estadio do Dragao, also known as The Dragon's Lair, the best places to sit in the stadium and for more general information then see below for complete details. If you are looking for more events or tickets in Porto here then visit our dedicated city pages.

Estadio do Dragao Seating Plan & Map

General Information: Estadio do Dragao

The Estadio do Dragao stadium in Porto, Portugal is home to the football (soccer) team F.C. Porto. If you are looking for FC Porto tickets, we at Seat-Compare have access to all areas of the stadium.


  • Address: Via Futebol Clube do Porto, 4350-415 Porto, Portugal
  • Stadium Capacity: 50,033
  • Other Name: The Dragon's Lair
  • Main Areas: Bancada Nascente, Bancada Poente, Bancada Norte, Bancada Sul

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Estadio do Dragao (Porto) Tickets

Be at Estadio do Dragao and order your tickets from safe, trusted and reputable companies here on Our aim is provide an accurate Estadio do Dragao seating plan which will give a good layout of the stadium. From the map users can then choose the area in Estadio do Dragao they prefer and purchase tickets from the safest websites online. Other websites that compare prices but don't include the service charges and hidden costs. This results in the prices increasing by as much as 35% meaning those cheap tickets, whether for Os Dragões or a different event are now expensive. On the price of the tickets are live, so you can compare much easier.

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All The Dragon's Lair, Estadio do Dragao tickets in Porto purchased through are 100% guaranteed with the suppliers listed on our website. All Estadio do Dragao tickets including will be authentic, valid and delivered to you on time for the event. If the event is cancelled for any reason, then you will receive a complete order refund. Tickets for rescheduled Estadio do Dragao events will be also included and valid for any new confirmed date. See above the FC Porto stadium map for all the areas including turnstiles for more infomation.

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