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Austria was known as Das Wunderteam in the past. They were highly reputable for playing attractive football, just like Hungary in 1950s and Netherlands in 1970s. Unfortunately, they have not been able to return to that stage again in the modern era since their decline after the Second World War when some of their stars had to join to Germany due to being annexed by the Third Reich and 1950s.

Austria in the World Cup

Austria have only been able to make seven appearances in the world cup finals. The most notable result was in 1954 when they could finish third at the end of the tournament. They had knocked out Scotland and the 1934 runner up Czechoslovakia at the group stage the host Switzerland at the last eight but suffered a heavy loss against the eventual champions West Germany. Fortunately, they managed to bounce back and crushed the reigning champions Uruguay. Their next best campaign was at the peak of Das Wunderteam in Italy 1934. They edged out France and Hungary to the semi final but then lost to the host Italy and Germany in the third place play off. Afterwards, Austria’s football was moving to the declining period. In the remaining appearances in 1958, 1990 and 1998, Wunderteam was merely a distant memory in the past which could not salvage their campaign to advance to the knock out stage.

Iconic Moments in the World Cup

Austria’s unforgettable moments seem to be related to their neighbouring teams, Hungary, Switzerland and surely Germany. The most distinguished ones were the 1934 and 1954 quarter finals. In the former one, Johann Horvath and Co thumped the Magyar side 2-1 while in the latter edition, Austria run rampant and dismantled Switzerland 7-5. The most recent one was back in Argentna 1978. In the last game of the second round against Germany, Austria was already heading to the exit with two defeats while Bertie Vogts and Co still had a chance to finish second in the standings to go through the third place play off with two draws from their last two outings against Italy and Holland. However, the match ended in a shocking result, a 3-2 win for Austria which eventually place Der Panzer at the bottom of the table. Hans Krakl’s brace plus Bertie Vogts’s own goal gave a victorious triumph for Austria. That game was famous for the term ‘Miracle of Cordoba’.

Unfortunately, their worst nightmare was also related to Germany. Their humiliating 1-6 loss in 1954 semi final was one of them. Another one was in 1982. It was notorious for ‘the disgrace of Gijon’ due to their ‘probable discreet collaboration’ to eliminate Algeria, their contender at the group stage. It was the last game of the group and Algeria had already won 3-2 previously. Austria was on the safe spot with two wins already but Germany was not. Jupp Derwall’s side needed a narrow win to progress while Austria could still advance with a narrow win too. So, the game started, Germany scored early through Horst Hrubesch within ten minutes. However, both sides were wasting time afterwards till the final whistle to secure the result which was beneficial for each plus sending Algeria to the exit. The local fans and media criticised them but FIFA insisted that neither side broke the rule. Nonetheless, that game had been reportedly taken into consideration and eventually led FIFA to stage the final game of the group at the same time to avoid similar incident in 1986.

Top Players & Managers


Top Players & Managers

in their world cup campaign so far are Johann Horvath, Erich Probst, Alfred Korner, Hans Krakl, Hebert Prohaska and Walter Schachner. They are mainly part of the squad in 1934, 1954 and 1970s

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