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Tickets for the World Cup Semi-Finals can be some of the most highly demanded tickets in sports. The winners of the semi-finals go on to the FIFA World Cup, football’s biggest prize. Whilst the semi-finalists haven’t yet been decided, there are some games that stand out in terms of tickets.
If your country reaches the quarter-final stages and win then tickets for the games will increase in price immediately after the game has finished. Remember we at only list tickets that are 100% verified by ourselves and companies that we would recommend to our friends and family. World Cup Sem-Final tickets will always be at premium prices because of the demand. However tickets can be currently purchased for around $800/£600. If teams such as England, Brazil or Argentina reach the semi-finals then ticket prices will increase. Compare semi final world cup tickets here on

Some of the biggest semi-final matches in the World Cup would be the following:

Currently there are no FIFA World Cup Semi Final events scheduled.

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Compare match tickets for the 2026 football World Cup semi-finals here on Both semi-final 1 and semi-final 2 tickets available for the games in Qatar.

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